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My name is Alessandra Sambrotta and I met Erks in March 2016,
during a trip that changed my whole life.
Why Erks...?
Because she had always been waiting for me, but I had to wait a long time before I could reunite with her.
What happened and happens in Erks opened my heart to the perceptions of the soul and although this can be said in words, it will never be able to faithfully describe what I felt and what I feel every time I return to Her.
The universal synchronies led me to know places and people through which I was spiritually initiated and then contacted telepathically by the Beings of Light who inhabit the wonderful
Interracial City.
Why Erks...? Because its Sacred Mountains make the mind forget and the heart be born, which opens like a lotus flower, perfuming my steps with a Love I have never felt before.
My whole life is totally new and after having been there three times in just over a year, I discovered the beauty of the Service and that's why I created this blog, so that Erks can be known as much as possible.
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